Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat : Margues Hot and Cold Spring

Margues Cold and Hot Spring

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.” ― Andy Warhol

Situated in the mountainside of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat province lies an eco destination which locals in the area patronized.

The Margues Hot and Cold Spring is about 8 kilometers from the poblacion. Corn fields, palm trees and a mini rice terraces are some of the views that can be seen going to the area.

Margues Pool in panorama

Locals are very helpful to assist if you inquire where the hot spring is. When asked about the location, they usually response with “ sa ta-as pa na” which they mean above the mountain. I noticed that the resort is really in an elevated area as we head back to the highway – a scenic overlooking view of the Municipality of Esperanza. Barangay Margues is endowed with a natural scenic panorama and it is more than a thousand feet above sea level.

Pool beside the hill

There are a couple of arrow sign banners situated along the road to guide visitors along the way and it just took us 15 minutes to get there.

A wide parking space is available, a small amount of entrance fees and a full of fun in the swimming pool brimming with warm spring water and another pool with cold spring water. Hot water continuously sprouts from a hidden spring and I can say that if this will be properly developed then it can be a really good tourist spot in the area.

Margues huts

Picnic huts are available for rent in the area; it is a nice place to stay as it is like a resort in a forest. A small hill at the side of the pool with a native designed hilltop convention center.

Margues Hilltop Convention

Construction is ongoing for another big pool which is funded by the local government of Esperanza and operation of the resort is managed by the office of the municipal engineer.

Margues Entrance

I heard about this location way back 2001’s but it’s just now that I visited the area.

Have time to visit the place when you’re at Sultan Kudarat Province!

More photos here of the resort courtesy of Esperanza, Abante Ka! Facebook page.

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